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The Gunstock Mountain Historic Preservation Society - Progress Report



  • In 2009, Gunstock’s 70-meter ski jump was honored with the Seven to Save designation from the NH Preservation Alliance in 2009 as one of New Hampshire’s most important historic structures to preserve. 
  • In 2010, New Hampshire’s Division of Historical Resources conducted a Historic Resource Study detailing the history of the development of Gunstock which resulted in Gunstock being added to the NH Register of Historic Places.
  • Also in 2010, Gunstock was awarded a $5,000 “Moose Plate” grant from the New Hampshire State Library to fund the restoration of over 300 historic blueprints which had been housed in the attic of the Gunstock Main Lodge.  The blueprints have now been restored, digitally photographed, cataloged, and safely stored using acid-free paper.
  • On March 9, 2011, the society celebrated the 70th anniversary of Torger Tokle’s record setting jump off the 60 meter hill.  Funds were raised to purchase and erect a historic monument at the jump site memorializing the occasion
  • The Gunstock Area Commission donated a computer and archival software called Past Perfect to the Society so the thousands of historic documents, blueprints, photographs, newspaper clippings and artifacts collected since 1935 could be properly archived and inventoried. 
  • Since its formation, the Society has accepted hundreds of donations of artifacts, including historic film and photos, jumping memorabilia including uniforms, signs, patches, jumping programs, advertising posters, trophies, and antique dolls and figurines. 
  • In November of 2012, the Society brought back an old Gunstock tradition, the annual Ski Ball.  The Ski Ball is the “unofficial” kickoff of the winter social season, and celebrates the traditional dinner dances that are a rich part of Gunstock history.  The historic Main Hall is decorated with memorabilia of ski days gone by, and historic photographs and films are shared with attendees.  For the first two events, Gerry Grimo and his Big Band have provided dance music that spans the 30’s through the 60’s.  In addition to being a wonderful nostalgic evening out, the ball is also a major fundraiser for the society, raising nearly $20,000 in its first two seasons.       
Regarding the restoration of the ski jumps, significant progress has been made as well.  The society determined that the most effective means of raising awareness and funds for restoration was to get jumping started again.  Thanks to the hard work of board members Lisa Kling and Bernie Dion, as well as other local volunteers, jumping returned to Gunstock in 2013 after a 10 year hiatus.  Two competitions have been held, and several local kids have been training during the evenings on the jump.  Check out the YouTube video of the first jumping competition at:   In addition to actively jumping on the 10 meter, other restoration efforts include:
  • Trees on the sidelines of all four jumps have been flagged for removal to restore landing hills to their original width
  • Ron Bell and Associates, a civil engineering firm, has completed survey, profile and design drawings for the landing hills for the 10 and 20 meter jumps.  The plans detail work that will be required to bring the landing hills into compliance with current jumping standards.
  • The society engaged Jeff Tirey of Tirey and Associates to create structural plans to rebuild the 10 meter take-off table, the 20 meter trestle, a judges stand and observation stand.  The plans incorporate the original footings and tower foundations as well as other historic features where possible. 
  • The society has begun soliciting proposals from contractors for removal of the existing trestle structures, construction of the 10 and 20 meter jumps, tree removal, and grading of the landing hills.  Several contractors have expressed a willingness to provide services as a donation to the Society. 
  • The society will commence a fundraising effort this summer to raise funds for the restoration of the 10 and 20 meter jumps.  It’s expected that $150,000 in cash or in-kind donations will be required to complete the clearing, earthwork and trestle/platform construction.  

USA Ski Jumping will be holding several Junior Cup Series Virtual Jump Competitions this winter.  Gunstock will be hosting one of the competitions this year on Saturday, January 24, 2015.  Here's a photo of the jump site which is being prepared for the competition.